As a health coach I am specialised in helping people improve their health through diet, exercise and such.

This means that I will divert a little bit fromHealth the standard way of coaching where the coach only supports the client to make choices about their life and hold them accountable to these choices by agreeing to get certain actions done by a certain time. For the standard way of coaching the coach doesn’t need to have any knowledge on the topic. As a health coach, I have specialised in health and nutrition, therefore it is different. However, as a client, you are still the one in charge and you are the one making the choices that suit your life best.

During health coaching sessions we will discuss various topics of health and how to improve in these areas in your life. You make the choices about which areas you want to address and which actions you want to take. I do have programmes available, so in general I follow those with clients. However, it is possible to tailor our sessions entirely to your needs.

Goals and Benefits

My focus group is women who are considering getting pregnant and want to improve their own health through a traditional diet, so that they can grow healthy babies. 
However, this does not mean I will only support the women of my focus group. Not everyone will know about my work before they get pregnant. So anyone is welcome to improve their own health and that of their families. 

The goal of health coaching is to improve your health through diet, exercise, stress reduction and much more. The goal of the coaching sessions is to keep you moving forward and accountable, so that you get healthier.

The coaching will help you stay on track. You have email access to me between our appointments, so you can talk to me about issues you have. In general I think 1 meeting a month is likely enough, but when you feel the need for more frequent meetings, this is no problem at all.

The benefit for you will be that you will end up feeling healthier, happier and more fit. You will be able to acknowledge stress and deal with it better. You will know more about the toxins in the world and food supply, how to avoid them, minimise the impact of them on your health and wellbeing and much more.

Coaching programmes

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